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Freak-Cabaret is a nightclub theatre. It was found in 2003 by Russian fashion designer – Nasya Demich in Moscow. Nasya graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design (London) in 2002 and began to make strange costumes of unknown creatures. Her first fashion shows were more like theatrical performances. And most of her art-works were shown in night clubs as well. So she gave up fashion and became a leader of a group of young and enthusiastic people who were interested in dancing, fire-show, clubbing, performance and so on. Together they organized several parties in Moscow and at the well-known in Russia international music festival - Kazantip. Participation in other festivals and work on TV took place as well. There were a lot of tours inside and outside the country. And after many years of hard work Freak-Cabaret became one of the most popular club theatres in Russia. Today there are more than 100 costumes in use of the theatre.  Twelve professional dancers and actors are ready to surprise and inspire the audience. If conditions allow – walking on stilts, fire-dance, aerial show, juggling and contact juggling are possible as a part of the show. Big movable scenery and flying installations can be included in the set as well. But what is it all about? What does Freak-Cabaret look like? First of all it is an amazing show for a night party, an electronic music festival or any other similar event. Fantastic costumes, professional acting and dancing combined with improvisation on stage create magic atmosphere during the party. Alien creatures, heroes of a fairy tail, Kings and Queens, people from the Moon or may be from the future - anyone of them can impress you so much! It looks like “Alice in Wonderland”, strange dream or a parallel universe… An unusual story becomes even more unbelievable when you see it at night. LED lights are included in some costumes, accessories and parts of the movable stage scenery. Huge glowing Medusas and silver Fishes are flying above the stage. Moon Queen with an enormous crown of light on her head moves very slowly and beautifully. Behind her - Luminous Warriors holding big white screens on which some video-art can be projected…  Cosmic flowers, three-dimensional geometric objects, costumes in the shape of flying saucers – all these features represent a new Freak-Cabaret performance - “The White Show”. “White Show” is all about white and light. Presentation of the “White Show” took place on the main white party of the world – Sensation White’2010 supported by MTV. Afterwards the show successfully opened the Kazantip Music Festival (August’ 2010) and then lots of tours and other white performances happened. Now the “White Show” is completely whole and spectacular performance with such advantages as flexibility (can be adapted to any stage), hi-tech LED-costumes, inclusion of circus tricks (according to possibilities of a place to perform), not fixed mobile stage scenery and much more! Besides it has a wide range of uses! “White Show”  can be a part of New Year’s Celebration or a Full Moon Party, it can be shown at a corporate event or electronic music festival, and of course it can be the main performance on the White Party or any other party as well! The universal color of peace and light gives Freak-Cabaret great opportunity to grow, improve and travel all around the world with the international Show of White... Our dreams come true only if we move towards them!

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